Rev. Mike Vlk

Rev. Mike Vlk grew up in the Methodist Church in Wheaton, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.  As many do, he strayed from the church in his young adult years.  He joined the Air Force and married his wife, Rachel, who was also serving in the Air Force at the time.  After some time, Mike and Rachel followed God’s pull back to church, and they started attending regularly at the Methodist Church closest to where they lived at the time. Since then, Mike has felt the calling to become more active in God’s ministries.  While stationed around the world, Mike and Rachel stayed involved in the churches they were attending.  Mike pursued formal Lay Leader training in 2005, and found affirmation that this was a step toward God’s purpose for him.  After retiring from the Air Force in 2013, he discerned his calling further, attended the Rio Texas Conference’s Ministry Candidacy Summit in 2015, and followed the path toward Local Pastor Licensing. Mike was appointed as associate pastor in July 2016.  Mike and Rachel have two daughters, Kira and Kylie, and have lived in Cibolo since 2012.