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Pursuing the Path Sunday School

Pursuing the Path Sunday School

On Monday, July 3, the Pursuing the Path Sunday school class served water and sandwiches to about 100 day workers. Thanks for growing God’s kingdom!

<span style='color:#e34045;'>Musicians and those who want to be…</span>

Musicians and those who want to be…

There’s this common theme with God…He doesn’t always choose you because of your great gifts that you’ve developed to bring to His service… He has the tendency to CREATE in you a new thing. It brings Him glory (and it can change your life). There’s […]

<span style='color:#e34045;'>Sermon Series</span>

Sermon Series

Listen to Pastor Jim’s Sermons August 6: Beauty and the Beast: Hope for Change July 23: The Blessing of the Tithe July 16: The Lord’s Prayer July 9: Sacraments: Baptism and Communion June 18: Non-Conformist – Pastor Mike Vlk June 4: Pentecost: Happy Birthday, Church May 28: Simple Truths: Reclaiming […]

<span style='color:#e34045;'>RACAP</span>


Each month, Schertz UMC collects and donates a single specific item to stock RACAP’s pantry. In August, we are collecting Canned Tomato Products (Paste, Sauce, Diced, etc.) . Please bring your donations to the designated baskets around the church. RACAP and the Flying Colors program are asking […]

<span style='color:#e34045;'>Gospel in Hollywood</span>

Gospel in Hollywood

Premiering this August A Movie and Sermon Series directed by Pastor Jim Curran Movies-Saturdays at 6pm     Sermons-Sundays at 9 and 11:15am August will be “The Gospel in Hollywood” month. Each Saturday at 6:00 pm we will gather in Fellowship Hall to watch a movie.  Then on Sunday, the sermon message […]

<span style='color:#e34045;'>Grace Place Learning Center</span>

Grace Place Learning Center

Grace Place Learning center is a licensed facility that offers programs for 6 weeks-Pre-K. GPLC staff specializes in early childhood education and offers classes to develop cognitive, motor, and social skills. Also, GPLC is a center that focuses on a relationship with God and helps children […]