Sunday School & Bible Studies

Sunday School Classes

10:15 AM - 11:00 AM
Faith Journey:
An eclectic approach to growing our faith. A mix of bible study, life application study, fellowship and volunteering.

Meets at 10:15 am Sundays in room 210.
The Searchers:
The class uses a variety of contemporary study guides. Activities include Bible study and the study of God’s word to be used in our daily lives. Whether you’re single or married you are invited to The Searchers.

Meets at 10:15 am Sundays in room 209.
God’s Rainbow:
Open to all, this group studies the Christian response to social issues.

Meets at 10:15 am Sundays in room 111.

Weekly Bible Studies
& Prayer Groups

Ladies Bible Study: Meets Thursdays at 9:00 am in room 104.

Mesquite Magnolias: A ladies bible study. Meets Thursdays at 11:00 am in room 106.

Thursday Bible Study: All are invited. Meets at 10:00 am on Thursdays in room 111. Led by Pastor Jon Snape (September – May)
Mary and Joseph class:
Activities include Bible study, witnessing, and support of the church through presence, prayers, gifts, and service.  If you want to study God’s word, share the gift of laughter, and experience the warmth of friendship, try the Mary & Joseph class!

Meets at 10:15 am Sundays in room 208.
This multi-generational curriculum is Bible-based intense study with a supplement based on the specific book of the Bible studied.  Special Advent and Lent studies are also conducted.

Meets at 10:15 am Sundays in room 207.
Men’s Bible Study: Meeting spiritual needs and fellowship. Meets at 7:00 am on Saturday in room 106.

Seeking to Know God: Learn the importance of spiritual disciplines of Prayer, Scripture reading, meditation, and worship and how they can help you grow closer to God.  Meets at 6:30 PM on Wednesday in Room 111.

Praise in Prayer: Join us, as we raise our voices acknowledging God's blessings, through prayers of praise!  Meets at 1:00 PM on Tuesday in Room 111.